Hieroglyphic Trail

The Hieroglyphic Trail is a moderate 2.9 mile out and back hike with gorgeous views of the Superstition Mountains. It starts out with miniature switch-backs that slightly incline a small hill. From here it will take you to a sign with multiple trails to choose from. Hieroglyphic Trail is what you’re looking for!



Having a wide open landscape this is mainly a straight-away path. Minimal loose rocks, some brush as well as families with dogs will be on the path along your way.


Towards the end of the trail you will come across a gentle slope shaded with Saguaro cactus. These are a sight to see if you are not from the area for the Saguaro reside only in and near Arizona.


Just ahead over an incline of large rocks will be your destination.


 The destination includes the lower end of a boulder-filled canyon, ending at a rocky section. Usually flowing with water where pools persist for much of the year. Here you can sit and enjoy your afternoon, eat some trail mix, guzzle on Gatorade.




Take the time to admire the Hieroglyphics from 500 – 1450 AD.



I’ve noticed children are fascinated by the cave located not to far off the path.


The Hieroglyphics Trail is a great moderate hike taking minimum 1-2 hours to complete. Wonderful for any age as well as dogs. Considering this trail is fairly easy it tends to get busy quick. However, the parking lot is rather large so no need to worry!



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