Hotel Weatherford

Prior to being a hotel, the Weatherford Hotel served as a mercantile for trade in the 1800’s. New Years Day, 1900, The Weatherford became an official hotel due to all the tourism. Having being opened New Years Day the hotel now hosts an annual Pinecone Drop every New Years Eve off the Zane Grey Bar & Ballroom balcony.




Zane Grey is one of the bars located inside The Weatherford having a classy ambiance that over looks majority of downtown Flag. Its name comes from Zane Grey, an author best known for his popular adventure novels. In the 1900’s Zane happened to stay in Room 48 at The Weatherford while writing Call of the Canyon. In this novel he talked about a girl at the hotel warming her hands by a fireplace. This later caught the attention of Henry Taylor, the present owner, while reading the novel. Taking a sledge hammer to the walls, a fireplace had been hidden there only to be recovered once again. Its located at the enterance of The Weatherford Hotel.

Yet another hotel in Downtown Flagstaff known for being haunted, The Weatherford rarely promotes this information. Many guests have been known to leave during the middle of the night from a ghost sighting. The specific room this happened in most has been turned into the Maids closet. Not only are the rooms haunted but the owners wife, Sam, mentioned the basement has been known for sightings too. What used to be the laundry room has now been converted into what is The Gopher Hole.


A bar in the basement of the hotel with more of a hang out area including Pool tables, Ping Pong, Arcade games and many seats/tabletops to choose from. The Gopher Hole also has a full bar with specialty cocktails {their specialty drink being Hot Buttered Rum} and craft beer. Offering a smaller ounce glass {my favorite!!} along with the normal 16oz glass to choose from.



 Inside the hotel is yet another bar made for entertainment, along with a Restaurant called Charly’s Pub and Grill. I have yet to eat there, so for another time:)


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