Caminata a la Cascada

A 6am wake up call by the howler monkeys and we were up! Max and Tommy picked us up from The Flutterby to start the adventure tour we booked through Adventures With Max {highly recommended if visiting Uvita!!}. First stop was at a local Soda {their version of our Cafe} to enjoy a traditional Costa breakfast with a side of delicious locally grown café con leche. Two cups later and I was fully fueled for our hike to come!

We drove up the windy mountain to a hidden trailhead with clear views of the coast {we were JUST having breakfast down there!}.


Trail puppy!! ♥


  Tommy took the lead as we hiked in towards the waterfall while hacking down leaves that were bigger than my 5′ 6″ body. A mile into the hike and there it was -facing a crystal clear, fresh spring waterfall I immediately stripped off my shoes and shorts then forced myself into the pure pool of cool water {soon to be a perfect temperature}.


Floating in the middle of the open water with my ears emerged I let all thoughts go and started listening to the muffled flow of the fall crashing into the water near me. Opening my eyes I saw the tall jungle brush surrounding as the center opened up to the baby blue sky – an intensely peaceful moment I didn’t want to let go.


I could have stayed there, yet there was so much more to see on this day of Adventures With Max.


Hiking back up from the waterfall I let the crew dwindle in front and behind me as I walked alone in silence with nature. Appreciating even the smallest colony of leafcutter ants I passed by {they were adorable!!}. The advantages of waking up early; it was only 11am by the time we finished the first adventure!


We hopped in the back of Tommy’s truck and headed to our next stop; Elvis. ♥xoxo

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