Road Trippin’

The 6am sun did not greet us that Saturday morning. Instead we were greeted with a cloudy, cold and rainy morning {though I’m not complaining, I love rainy days:) } – But what were we going to do now?? After consulting a map of Southern Utah over breakfast we decided to take an extended road trip.


Kodachrome Basin State Park was the first stop on our spur the moment road trip. Kodachrome had a few attractions such as the Chimney Rock, featured in National Geographic Magazine in 1949 for being the tallest of the approximately 67 pipes of sedimentary rock in Kodachrome.


Another was Shakespeare Arch. The hike was a 1.7 mile round trip with an optional longer, more scenic route back. Which one did we do? Longer, of course!



Destination, reached! The arch was A LOT smaller than I was hoping for – But either way √


 Back in the truck we headed towards Antimony, UT. Why? I don’t know, but I was A-OK with it {more time to chow down on trail mix for meee!}. On the way I had us stop in the tiny town of Tropic again and mailed myself a Bryce Canyon post card at the local Post Office – “♥ Tony & Andrea” {a neat souvenir for later 🙂 }. I ran over to the gas station and grabbed a six-pack of the Cutthroat Pale Ale I got the pleasure of finding the day before {road beer!!}. Then we were off!

Antimony was an itty bitty town with absolutely nothing to offer other than farm land… Or so we thought! Out of no where popped out a lake with boats and camp sites, even PEOPLE – We hadn’t seen people in hours! Perfect time to park the tailgate up against a secluded beach front facing the breezy lake and open up a Pale Ale:)

Alright, where to next? We drove west towards Cedar Breaks National Monument. Going from a warm beach to snowy pines at 10,000 ft high within hours – Come to find out we were near the highest point in Utah!! The pines opened up to a scenic view called Point Supreme {reminded me of Nacho Supreme…}.


 Again, not knowing anything about our destinations, we drove into Duck Creek Village in search of Strawberry Point {the name sounded nice 🙂 }. Driving up the dirt road through residential cabins and forest I was wondering if the destination was going to be worth the stop. I need to learn NOT to assume – Strawberry Point was the highlight of the trip.

Unbelievable beauty struck me as I ventured out of the thick pines and onto the elongated ledge.


The peak overlooked an entire arena of  strawberry colored canyons which suddenly changing scene into green forest below- And little me being at over 8,000 ft high above it all.


(I hung over the ledge for this pic… Still in shock I did that!!)


As I soaked in the scenery Tony flew his drone around the canyon while the birds tried attacking it lol {don’t get too close little birdies, the drone with slice you in two!!}.



Six hours of trail mix and energy drinks I was hankering for actual FOOD! Our last stop on the way back to Bryce Canyon was at a Steakhouse in Hatch – Though I ordered a veggie burger {I’ve been really into the vegetarian options lately} stuffed with cheese and grilled mushrooms inside a fresh baked bun and a simple side salad. Mmm!! A delish’ way to end our spontaneous Southern Utah Road Trip 🙂

Back at the hotel; BED TIME! We were heading home early the following morning, but only after a few stops ♥ xoxo

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About the Author:

Andrea Blake is a southwest travel blogger based in Arizona. See her featured on Montem Outdoor Gear, Hotel Valley Ho and more. When she is not summiting a mountain or reaching her next destination, she is indulging in her favorite craft beer at the nearest brewery. You can visit her here or her Instagram at @southwestsampler.

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