Coconut Paradise

Coconut Paradise

Home-made infused coconut oils, coconut milk, coconut ice cream – It was a Coconut Paradise! Elvis was a local known for his coconut creations. His home resembled a campsite in the middle of the jungle where there were mounds of hand picked coconuts. Grabbing one, Elvis started the experience.


Crack it open, sip the sweet coconut water, then shred the insides {he had a machine he used to shred the coconut to the bone}. Mmmmm!! I had never tasted such a succulent coconut.


He then told me to squeeze the shreds as hard as I could. Lo and behold – COCONUT MILK!!! {ahh, that’s how it is made!}. The taste so creamy and sweet there was no sugar necessary!


 It was as if Elvis’ wife read my mind when she brought over coconut and peanut butter ice cream. I can {unfortunately} eat spoon fulls of PB, so I was in heaven ♥♥


While enjoying my ice cream in a baggy, Elvis brought out another baggy full of dirt. Huh? He started mixing it with coconut water and grabbed my leg – Proceeding to rub the clay mixture all over my body, face and all!


When the clay dried it didn’t feel harsh or hard, the top layer simply dusted off our bodies {though it still left us brown in color}. Everyone looked so similar that I forgot we all had it on at one point.


 An hour of dancing and relaxing on the hammocks while we each took turns receiving a famous full body coconut oil message by Elvis made for a delightfully unexpected afternoon:) Saying our “good-bye for now”s we headed to the beach to rub off the clay in the warm Costa Rican ocean; Silk was the closest sensation I could compare my skin to.

Still time for one more adventure?? OKAY:) We got in the truck, then Max blind folded us.

Blind folded and headed to God knows where, we finally got the “okay” to take off our blinders. Max had us follow him down a dirt trail which opened up to a small yet heavy flowing creek with huge slabs of rock on either side of it {it reminded me of Oak Creek in Sedona, AZ}.


(Max, Nicole, Sara, Tommy, Saritah)

We continued to follow Max down farther and at that point boulder hopping to stay off the heavy flow of the water in the creek. Sara managed to find a neon green twin sized air mattress behind some rocks which was the perfect tool when we came to a dead end! Or so I thought…


We had to leave everything behind at this point and jump in. We followed Max even further into the cave-like creek with walls of rock, vines and jungle brush surrounding. With the water being so deep and about five minutes of swimming, that is where the raft became our saving grace.

Finally we had made it! The Secret Waterfall. A huge waterfall flowed into a large swimming hole with fresh spring water. We each got up to the ledge {after I almost ate sh*t} and took turns jumping off the high peak into the deep, clear water.

An entire day full of adventure. Thanks for everything, Max and Tommy! ♥xoxo

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Andrea Blake is a southwest travel blogger based in Arizona. See her featured on Montem Outdoor Gear, Hotel Valley Ho and more. When she is not summiting a mountain or reaching her next destination, she is indulging in her favorite craft beer at the nearest brewery. You can visit her here or her Instagram at @southwestsampler.

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