EDC Las Vegas 2016

EDC Las Vegas 2016

Yet another birthday surprise from Tony – a VIP pass to EDC Las Vegas!!! Saturday night was all ours for the raving (;

Tony was asked to go to the venue ahead of time to film parts of the festival while I stuck behind to get glitz and glammed up! Neon pink bottoms, flowers, pony tails and not enough glitter – What really pulled my outfit together was my handy dandy festival fanny pack {lol}.

I drove myself to the venue at 8pm and didn’t arrive till 10:30PM!!! One word – TRAFFIC!

I was finally through the doors and had walked into an adult carnival; flashing lights, rides, food/beer vendors and multiple decked out stages. Massive crowds of colorful people were singing and dancing to 4B as I entered. As much as I wanted to start the party right then and there my mission at that point was to find Tony. With so many people using their phones at the festival the service was going in and out {I started panicking, where do I go??}. Tony had told me to meet him in a specific area which I couldn’t find to save my life – Until I got smart and asked a vendor! Duhhh!!

 I had never been so relieved in my life till the moment I found Tony {exactly where he told me to meet him, who would have thought…}. He bought me a beer to calm my nerves and it all started there.

We walked up to a balcony over looking the festival and got asked to dance together on the Live Stream. Uhh, YEAH!:)


I thought it was just going to be Tony and I the whole time but surprise surprise!! We met up with a group of friends at one of the stages 🙂


I cannot remember what DJ’s we saw or which stages we ventured to – However I do remember the eye-popping 10 minute firework show, a massive stage speaker catching fire and being the happiest girl through every moment 🙂

Sunrise hit us in a flash! Tony and I wandered by ourselves to find a grassy area to lay down and watch the sunrise fully. Seeing the entire venue at that point was bizarre – The rides were still going, music still bumping and yet it was five in the morning with the sun shining bright.

Can you believe this? We drove straight back to AZ afterwards! TEAM NO SLEEP. Though I had never been to Vegas prior to EDC, I would definitely say it could not have been a better first time. ♥xoxo

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