The Home Stretch

The Home Stretch

After two days of National Parks and spontaneous destinations it was then Sunday morning – Last day in Utah and time to head home. After a quick “southwest scramble” breakfast which was just scrambled eggs and a tablespoon of mild salsa on the side {really? lol} at the only breakfast spot open in town {it is Sunday in UTAH, after all}, we headed back towards AZ.

The Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park was on our way in – Why not check it out? 🙂

The sand was wet while walking up the dunes from raining the day prior, giving a certain water splashed texture I found mesmerizing. The color of the sand wasn’t quite as pink as it perceived to be in the name – Though maybe they were named “Coral Pink” by the way the sun hit during a certain time of day…? Regardless, I played around while doing cartwheels and writing my name in the damp sand.



More energy drinks and trail mix were in my shopping bag when we stopped at the Trading Post near Kanab, UT. Along with a couple Cow Tail candy’s for my siblings and an intricate World Map I had found! The map had details of everywhere in the world I would love to explore – I’m going to hang it up and make sure I do it all🙂

Passing Lake Powell we stopped at a touristy, yet beautiful location to see the Glen Canyon Dam. Surprisingly no one was around so we had all the canyon views to ourselves!


(there I go again, risking my life for a view)

 DINNER TIME {any time for food is my favorite time (; }! I don’t know what it was, but yet again I was craving a veggie burger and a beer. What better than Lumberyard Brewing Company in Flagstaff!

One Flagstaff IPA followed by a Redhead Red Ale + one delicious lettuce wrapped burger and a side of mac & cheese = Tummy Satisfactory!! I fell asleep from a food coma in the car only to wake up as we were arriving home {success, no boring car ride for me!}.

Busy busy weekend yet not long enough! Next time I want to explore Zion National Park! Who is with me?? ♥ xoxo

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