“How Do You Travel So Often?”

“Do you get paid to travel?”

“I bet her parents pay her bills” 

“How do you afford to travel so often?”

Being on my own since 19 I have become stronger in knowing I can do anything I set my mind to:

Apartment √

Car √

The ability to travel anywhere my heart desires √

I am proud to say I work very hard to create this lifestyle I live. Yes, I have a full-time career, I pay all my own bills and yes, I can still afford to travel. When you take away the common excuses such as money, relationships, time off – a whole new world opens up to you… literally! I’m not a fan of excuses. I fully believe excuses hold you back from who you can be or what you can do with your life.

-Do you get paid to travel?  Though I do get certain perks in the blogging business it is not nearly enough to live off of. I strongly strive to become a full-time traveler, how ever hard I have to work to get there. Others have, why can’t I? Nothing is stopping me from my goals as long as I have a say in it… Oh wait, I DO!

Always remember only you control your future.

-Well, how do you afford it all? After bills, groceries, and of course taking myself out for a couple drinks (payday!) I set money aside for fun! Rather than spending hundreds on luxury handbags or designer fashion trends I spend it on air fare to new sights, a tank of gas for day trips and of course FOOD! My passions in life are more meaningful to me than a material item.

Bonus: I have two best friends AND a boyfriend who all have an itch for travel as much as I do! A trick I have learned is to surround yourself with people who positively influence you, while also steering clear of the naysayers.  By making this simple change,  opportunities will continue present themselves and you will be guided in the direction you want to go.

Lets play a game of Would You Rather – have a life long memory or a perishable item? Choose wisely 🙂


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