Why Hiking Improves Your Daily Life

One of the main questions I receive is why do you hike?

Backstory: Anthony (Tony) is the one who first inspired me to start hiking. Originally, two years ago when we first started dating, he had invited me on a trip to hike Havasupai Falls; a 12 mile hike just to the falls which I was in no way prepared for! I decided rather than make a fool of myself in front of him I would take action and start training a month before the big day. I started hiking Camelback Mountain two to three days a week for time to get myself prepared {got down to 30 minutes to the top! 🙂 }. Not only was I doing this on the week days but during the weekend Tony took me on day trips like Fossil Creek or on local hikes such as Phoenix Mountain Preserve. As I became more and more familiar with hiking I noticed a change in myself; happier, healthier, motivated. My time became filled with goal setting habits; I started my days at six AM rather than sleeping in till ten along with learning how to work out and eat healthier. On the weekends the outdoors became my social hour rather than the usual club scene. All of these new lifestyle changes gave me more energy and a whole new addiction to LIFE that I didn’t feel before.

Conclusion: Why do you hike? Easy answer; because it’s therapeutic. Hiking helps my thoughts to flow freely, almost as if in a meditative state of mind – focusing on the thought of no thought.  Not only do I think more clearly during the hike but I get a rush of dopamine in my system after the hike as well.

What is dopamine? It sound scary, however it is the natural “happy chemical” your body gives off when you exercise. Dopamine helps motivate your productivity; taking actions toward your goals and desires which is exactly what I now crave. I have noticed within myself how much more productive I am in my day to day life as well as my future goals. Whenever I feel a little down on myself, I grab my purple Camelbak and head off to a new or well known  hiking destination.

Catch me on the mountain ♥ xoxo

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