Three Reasons to Travel

In 2012 traveling became my addiction – first destination: New York City.

Growing up I came to terms I was not going to travel and most likely live out my days in Phoenix. That was until 2012 when I had the opportunity to travel to New York City – alone. That was the first ticket I booked by myself, the first flight longer than two hours I had been on, and the first BIG CITY I had ever been to.

The rush I got when the plane flew over NYC was true bliss.

Upon returning home from NYC I was bit by a bug – the Travel Bug. Soon after, I found myself traveling to cities near and far almost any opportunity I had. Anywhere from small town day trips like Flagstaff, Tucson, and Sedona, to big cities on the weekends such as Chicago, San FranciscoDallas.

Traveling changed me.

1. Experience New Culture: We all hear about how “the culture was just so different”. In fact it is true! The culture difference from Scottsdale to Sedona is impressive. Scottsdale (where I currently reside) is known for the Downtown scene – patio brunch, unique bars, steak restaurants, all around healthy and well dressed individuals. Whereas Sedona offers the artistic outdoors scene; art galleries, vegan eats, hiking trails galore and happy hiker friendly individuals (or Granola’s, as I like to call them).

These cities are only two hours away from each other and yet so contrasting. Can you just imagine what Texas compared to Spain has to offer?

2. Learn About Yourself:  I have learned I am a planner. I love researching it all; restaurants, hotels, nightlife, and attractions. Ill spend hours creating the perfect itinerary! I have also learned I don’t go over well with complications; late plane, missed flight, mostly airport issues. Though I am learning to take it all in a positive way. Every moment has its reason and soon enough Ill find out exactly why my flight was cancelled or why the restaurant I was so set on going to was closed.

I have learned that traveling is an opportunity we all have – its the people who take advantage of it that become the true intellectuals.

3. The most obvious, FOOD!: My eyes have been opened wide – not only to the beauty in travelling but also the delicious amounts of unique dishes I get to indulgent in!

Barcelona; slimy spiced Octopus. Tortilla De Patata.

Costa Rica; fresh from the tree Coconut. Alien-like fruit called Granadilla.

Texas; Cheesy Grits, Chicken and Waffles.

Every State, Country, small town, whatever it is has something magnificent to offer. Do not be afraid to try just a nibble of new food, regardless of what it looks like. Trust me, you (most of the time) wont regret it!

Fun fact: I will sample almost everything you put on my plate. Try me (;

There are many more reasons why travelling is a must. Now it is up to you to find those out ♥ xoxo

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