Your Perfect Souvenir

//Your Perfect Souvenir

Your Perfect Souvenir

I have a ritual with traveling; get a Postcard.

Everywhere I travel I attempt to find the perfect postcard, whether it is in the next town over or right in the city itself.

Lake Powell √

Zion National Park √

Bryce Canyon √

Vegas √ and many more.

I started this tradition when I realized how convenient Postcards are.

Why would I want a Postcard?? 

Though a Postcard seems so “old school”, that is what makes it unique! It happens to be the most memorable souvenir anyone can get themselves. Think about it – a Postcard takes up no space, it is easy to travel with, light weight, and you get to write on it.

I write to myself fresh from my memory what I loved about that particular trip – mainly little details that I know in no way I would have remembered later in life. It is like a Travel Diary! After writing a little letter to my future self I look out for the nearest Post Office and ship it home. Every time I receive my Postcard in the mail {especially since I rarely check my mail} it is such a sweet surprise! I get to reminisce on the trip not only in that moment, but for years to come.

When I travel with Tony it is a whole other story. Yes, I still get a Postcard which we pick out together. Yes, I still write on it and yes I still send it out. But here is the catch; I write a letter TO Tony and do not let him read it. I send the card to his address for him to later receive {hopefully with a smile} and read what I loved most about being on that particular trip with him – and then, I make him give it back to me… Hey! I have to keep these fragile cards in a safe spot (;

This is my go-to souvenir. What is yours? ♥ xoxo – AB

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