Top 3 Day Trip Hikes During Monsoon Season

Arizona is known for great hiking – though I am sure you didn’t think of how many water based hikes are only 1 to 2 hours away from nearly anywhere in the Valley.

These day trip hikes are guaranteed to make those overcast rainy days well worth the wait.

Here are my top three day trip, water based hikes!

– 1. Fossil Creek –

Take a day trip to Strawberry, AZ! This easy hike is just over two miles long in total and will lead you along a well-marked trail to the beautiful falls of Fossil Creek.

WHAT TO BRING: Pack a hammock, trail mix and water shoes.

– 2. Seven falls –

Seven Falls Trail is an 8.2 mile out and back trail located in Sabino Canyon near Tucson, Arizona.

Though it may seem like a long hike this trail levels as easy to moderate. If you have a concern for time a $5 tram is able to take you from the main Visitors Center to the half way point of the trail.

The ending will have you in awe – well worth the hike!

– 3. Romero Pools –

Romero Canyon Trail to Romero Pools is a moderate 5.9 mile out and back trail located in Catalina State Park near Tucson, Arizona.

The first mile is a relatively easy walk whereas the next 1.8 miles are a steep and rocky climb to the pools. Beautiful clear waterfalls flow within the canyon offering an excellent end to your cardio racing incline.

TIP: Take snacks, a packed lunch and lots of water!

Click here for all of your hiking essentials!

Now you know my day trip favorites! What are yours?

xoxo ♥ AB

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