Sushi Roku – Scottsdale, AZ

Sushi Roku Scottsdale

Grandiose and gorgeous with huge glass windows gazing over its signature sushi bar, Sushi Roku holds a special space inside the W Hotel Scottsdale – this trendy upscale sushi spot will leave your palate pleasantly astonished by their unique engaging culinary experience.

– The Roku Experience –

Sushi Roku’s bold and diverse menu offers an array of specialty appetizers and an extensive selection of exotic yet decadent entrees. Roku combines its finest and freshest fish with a creative culinary twist by using quality ingredients from Latin America and Europe – turning your traditional dish into edible works of art.

TIP: For a truly authentic Japanese experience allow Sushi Roku’s masterfully skilled chefs to prepare you a personalized “Omakase” dinner; a creatively symphonized and artistic presentation of signature Roku dishes.

– Roku Libations –

The drinks here are in no way ‘ordinary’; with every sip of your hand crafted cocktail you can taste Roku’s exquisite and colorful spin specially designed to delight your taste buds – therefore mastering the art of cocktail creations.

Along with cocktails Roku highly takes pride in their selection of top tier Sake. We all know the traditional ‘Sake Bomb’, though dining at Sushi Roku allows your palate to broaden while experiencing different fashions and variations of Japan’s finest Sake. From a cold pour of full-figured flavor to sweet sparkling dessert Sake, Roku offers an array of high quality Sake guaranteed to compliment any dish.

– In the Know –

Here are a few hidden gems that Sushi Roku has to offer you:


With excellent Sake comes an excellent Happy Hour; enjoy half priced bottles of top tier Sake every Sunday and Monday year-round.


Including appetizers, entrees and drinks; the menu changes twice a year allowing Sushi Roku’s masterful chefs to introduce exquisite new Japanese concepts to the table.


I highly recommend allowing Roku’s skilled chef’s to prepare you an “Omakase” dinner; the wide spread of individually selected plates work together to both refresh and complete your palate throughout every dish.

Explore the Sake list; I never understood how gorgeously a Sake could pour until my experience here at Sushi Roku. My glass of Daiginjo Sake sipped like a luscious white wine – whereas the candied dessert Sake poured heavenly into a champagne glass offered a bubbly, crisp taste pairing perfectly with my finishing entree.


Conveniently located in Old Town Scottsdale, Sushi Roku is the prime spot for a delicious light fare prior to a late night out with friends – yet also caters to your every request while having an elegant evening out with a significant other.

“Our goal is to accede our guests expectations” – Sushi Roku GM, Daniel Carr

xoxo ♥ AB


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