Your Guide to Death Valley in a Weekend

Welcome to the hottest place on earth – Death Valley. This National Park will amaze you with its serene beauty and unique sights within.

The park perches on the border of California and Nevada, almost unnoticed to those who haven’t heard of it.

Here is your guide to Death Valley in an adventure-filled weekend!

– Sights Along the Way –


Driving into Death Valley coming from Arizona/Nevada you should find yourself on Rhyolite Road. With many other random sights and towns along this road, the must see attraction is this “creepy” art display by the name of The Last Supper located at Goldwell Open Air Museum.

 – Camping and Lodging –

Located within the park is the small town of Stovepipe Wells; equipped with a General Store, Gift Shop, Saloon and (if you’re not camping) an authentic Western Hotel. The Stovepipe Wells Village Hotel varies in price depending time of year and room preference.

TIP: If you’re like me and plan on camping, the Stovepipe General Store is where you can stalk up on snacks, beers and groceries!

– Lunch at Badwater Saloon –

Grab a bowl of their famous chili or a savory char-grilled burger paired with your favorite beer at Badwater Saloon. The Saloon serves up delicious comfort foods – perfect before the big adventure ahead of you.

MUST HAVE: Try their locally brewed Mohave Red Lager!

– Eureka Dunes –

The road to Eureka Dunes is an extra 2 hour long (86.8 mi) expedition; you will want to be driving an off-road truck due to the bumpy dirt road. Depending on if you plan on camping or not, plan accordingly with the daylight. We decided to drive through the night to Eureka and set up camp (which I would highly recommend doing) – there we had a campfire, local beers from the General Store and an awing view of the stars.

HIKE EUREKA: That’s right, hike to the top of Eureka Dunes! I found it easier to hike without shoes, you will see why. Though the hike looks small from afar, it is not. This will take up about 2-3 hours of your day, so wake up early!


  • Water bottle, snack
  • Jacket – it may be cold depending on time of year
  • Goggles/ Sunglasses – the sand may fly in your eyes, bad with contacts
  • Camera – its unusual to hike this dune, take all the photos you can!

– Explore Death Valley –

Make a loop in Death Valley!

  1. First on the list is Ubehebe Crater; a large volcanic crater 600 feet deep and half a mile across.
  2. Racetrack Playa is the next destination, but first look out for Teakettle Junction on the way. Though there is not much history to the Junction, it is said to have been put here to show early settlers that there is water near.
  3. And finally, Racetrack Playa! The Racetrack is a dry lake bed about 3 miles long and 2 miles wide. With thousands of years of climate change, the lake evaporated and left behind beige colored mud, at least 1,000 feet thick. As well as moving rocks. Tony and I set up camp and spent all night there, at one point closing our eyes and walking aimlessly with nothing there to stumble upon.

Here is a map for you to follow!

– Badwater Basin –

Badwater Basin  holds a 7.456 mile long pure bed of salt. It is the lowest point in North America with an elevation of 282 ft below sea level – from here you can see the snow on top of the mountains in the distance!

Is the salt soft and squishy like snow, or hard and crystallized? Time for you to find out!


  • Look up the weather before committing to a date. It is either deathly hot or deathly cold. I went in March the weather was perfect!
  • Prepare for chilly nights; blankets, scarves, gloves, etc.

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xoxo ♥ AB

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