Grand Falls, Arizona

Arizona’s Grand Falls are an incredible sight to see! The falls are located nearly one hour from Downtown Flagstaff in Leupp, Arizona. This magical place is a kids candy dream come true. What looks like a creamy milk chocolate waterfall is actually one of natures most magical phenomenons.

The falls, resembling what looks like something out of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, were formed long ago when lava from the nearby Merriam Crater flowed into the Little Colorado River creating a lava dam. The river was forced to reroute itself around the dam and so the Grand Falls were formed.

The Grand Falls are fed by both snow melt and monsoon rain. For this reason there are only specific times of the year that the waterfalls are actually flowing. The best time to see the falls are during March and April as the snow melt gushes down the Little Colorado River giving the ultimate waterfall experience. Arizona’s monsoon season is also a great time to go, though the window is short and is highly dependent on the weather patterns that year.

Prepare for the adventure by taking an off road truck if possible – it is not entirely necessary, but the road tends to get a little bumpy the closer to the falls you choose to drive. Upon parking there are multiple viewing areas to admire the falls from afar. If you’re looking for more of a close up experience, the hiking trail down to the falls is considered an easy level hike while only being a 0.6 mile round trip.


  • Hiking shoes
  • Wear clothes you don’t mind getting muddy
  • Water bottle/backpack or Camelbak
  • Extra change of clean clothes for after the hike

Click here for your Hiking Essentials Checklist.

Always look up the weather forecast ahead of time, pack prepared and happy hiking! Be sure to follow and tag me in your photos on Instagram at @southwestsampler

xoxo ♥ AB

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