The Way to the Wave Cave, Superstition Mountains

The Wave Cave in the Superstition Wilderness mountains is a beautiful hike with an imaginative ending. The trail head is hidden yet is right in front of our eyes.

Here is your way to the Wave Cave in the Superstition Wilderness, Arizona.

The Wave Cave Trail is considered a moderate hike, and though the trail starts out slow paced it does incline quite a bit towards the end.

Upon following the dirt road towards the trail head there will be a small dirt parking lot on the left – park there. The dirt lot will be lined in yellow and red rope. The trailhead is unmarked though there will be a small gap in the fence which indicates the Wave Cave Trail.

The Wave Cave trail is a 3 mile round trip, and depending on your hiking ability it may take anywhere from 2+ hours to complete.


  • Water bottle/ Camelbak
  • Snacks
  • Hiking shoes


  • Start the hike early. This trail happens to be heavily trafficked throughout the year
  • Kids and dogs are allowed however the incline may be tough
  • Be sure to share the rock; take your photo then allow others to take theirs
  • Download the AllTrails app for more information on the Wave Cave Trail

I recommend doing this hike in the morning while the Superstitions are giving off a gorgeous views of the mountains.

Now, GO FOR IT! Tag me in your Wave Cave photos on Instagram @southwestsampler.

And as always, happy hiking!

xoxo ♥ AB

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