Your Ready to Rave Essentials

Attending Arizona festivals such as Goldrush (pictured above) Phoenix Lights and Decadence can be such an experience in itself – and getting your outfit ready is just the start to all of the excitement.

Here are your ready to rave essentials!

– Your Rave Attire –

Going to a rave is all about expressing yourself! It is the perfect time for you to let loose with absolutely no judgement. The most important thing to remember is to always wear something you’re comfortable in and that allows you to be able to dance in for hours without missing a beat. The trend for ravers is to wear something bright, vibrant, creative and colorful.


  • Outfit – When it comes to your outfit really anything goes. Simply pick what you’re comfortable dancing in and combine it with other rave accessories to give your outfit a pretty little rave look! Some popular items are bodysuits, crop tops, high waist shorts and mini skirts. Click here for a visual!
  • Hair – If possible, wear your hair up or bring a hair tie. The amount of dancing and body heat throughout the night makes it perfectly okay for you to have the simplest ponytail. I typically do my Space Buns or Pig Tails, this allows me to add a little style to my outfit while still keeping my hair tucked away.
  • Make up – Glitter! Eyelashes! Diamonds and gems! Do what ever your heart desires when it comes to your make up. Now is your time to shine!


Shoes are the basic elements of a good rave outfit. Your shoes should be as comfortable as possible since dancing will take up the whole evening. The most common and trendy style of Rave shoes are sneakers, boots, or any close toed shoe. Try to avoid shoes with a heel and be sure your feet are as comfortable as could be; this alone can make or break your rave going experience.


  • Fanny Pack – Wear your fanny pack with pride! There are different designs, colors and styles of the fanny pack for you to choose from. The perks of the fanny are accessibility and no worries; it can hold your phone or wallet, keeping you hands free and unable to leave your belongings behind because it is strapped to you.
  • Kandi – One of the most beloved traditions at a Rave is kandi trading. Kandi is the plastic jewelry made from pony beads which is created by the Raver with special meaning to every individual bracelet. By trading kandi with one another they are signifying their love and respect to the other person.

  – Hydration Pack –

The hydration pack is your number one essential. Watching your favorite artist and having to leave for water is no fun – you will want to have hands free water on you at all times. Stay hydrated!

I got mine from Vibedration; choose from several styles, colors and patterns.

– The Must-Have Extras –

Portable ChargerYou are going to want to keep your phone accessible and charged for finding your friends, taking photos, videos and Instagram stories. Purchasing a portable charger is the best way to go.

– Light Jacket – Festivals tends to start out warm, but by the time the show is over you will find yourself sweaty and cold while walking to your car. Play it safe and take a light jacket with you to hide in your Vibedration Pack.

Hand Sanitizer and Facial Tissues – The bathrooms at festivals tend to run out of sanitary products quickly. Be sure to be prepared by bringing your own.

– Before You Go –

– Check the weather forecast.

– Get there at gates open.

– Check the line up/create a line up list of your favorite artists.

– Hydrate prior to the event and during.

– Plan a meeting spot!  You may lose a friend at some point in the crowd and by creating a meeting point near a festival float or restroom will assure you from worrying.

Have an amazing time at your next festival and party safely!

xoxo ♥ AB

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