Top 5 Things To Do In Bisbee, Arizona

I thought Bisbee, AZ wasn’t going to be much different from other small towns I have wondered through – I was wrong. Within 24 hours you will manage to see, eat and explore all the best of spots in one of the most haunted town in America.

Here are the top 5 things to do in Bisbee, AZ.

– 1. Stay in Bisbee –

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– 2. Grab Lunch in Bisbee –

Santiago’s Mexican – Head to Santiago’s for a delicious Mexican cuisine or a Spanish infused cocktail. Be sure to order a serving of Santiago’s signature guacamole made fresh right in front of you. *Try their Smoked Chicken Enchilada Suiza to share.

The Stock Exchange Saloon This Saloon proudly serves free ranged and organic, made from scratch entrees. Grab lunch here and have a slice of the best pizza in town! *Try their Hawaiian Pizza topped with roasted pineapple, bacon and caramelized onion & apple. Be sure to wash it down with a local beer from Old Bisbee Brewing Company. Cheers!

– 3. Explore and Shop Bisbee –

Explore: Challenge yourself and take the famous Bisbee 1000 Great Stair Climb! You’re guaranteed to see eclectic wall art around every corner and alleyway.

Shop: The mesmerizing historic buildings hold an array of boutiques, thrift shopping and galleries.

  • Black Sheep Imports – Take your time observing every item, you wont regret it! This is where I found my “I got weird in Bisbee” t-shirt.
  • Va Voom – This local antique shop is perfect for authentic vintage finds.
  • Killer Bee GuyThis guy has an award winning selection of Honey, Honey Butters and Honey Mustard’s. My personal favorite was the Blueberry Creme Honey Butter – though it is hard to choose after trying almost all of them.
  • Bisbee Hot and Spicy – So you think you can handle the heat? Try sampling the Bisbee Be Flamin (Carolina Reaper) Hot Sauce (Heat Index: 28/10)
  • Bisbee Olive Oil -Browse and sample over 60 indulgent flavors of Gourmet oils, Vinegar’s and Marinades. *Try the Cinnamon Pear Balsamic.

– 4. Bar Crawl through Bisbee –

No trip to Bisbee would be complete without exploring the famous Brewery Gulch – home to all things DRINKING.

History of Brewery Gulch: In the 1900’s there were over 50 bars and brothels running 24 hours a day to accommodate the miners coming and going from various shifts in the mines. Today the Gulch is still known for its new events and nightlife, amazing dive bars and more.

Now it is home to the locals and tourists alike who love a good time with a good drink in hand.

  • Arizona’s Smallest Bar – Have you been to the Smallest Bar in Arizona? It is in Room 4 at the Silver King Hotel – and though it may be small while holding only four bar stools it is big on entertaining both Bisbee locals and guests with its full bar! Have a certain drink in mind? Just ask the Bartender, they are open to concocting it up for you.
  • The Quarry Bisbee – This hip cocktail lounge is known for its magnificent food and specialty cocktail list. The Quarry holds live entertainment, too! Ask your Bartender to know more about their list of events.
  • The Stock Exchange Saloon – Bringing it back to the Stock Exchange, this building is the place to be for the nightlife; live entertainment and a fun and vivacious historic atmosphere. Meet the locals, they love to tell their haunted tales.

The ‘spirits’ are sure to flourish – be aware that the person standing next to you at the bar just may be from another time!

– 5. Learn the History of Bisbee –

Bisbee is not only home to a great ghost town experience, it is also rich with history.

Queen Mine Tours – The #1 activity in Bisbee is the underground mine tour guided by former Bisbee miners. Visitors are given protective hard hats and then taken on a train ride to descend 1,500 feet into the mine. Prepare to learn some history on how the mine started and worked.

Lavender Pit – Take the time to see the reason Bisbee was put on the map. The Lavender Pit is located right outside of Downtown, about a four minute drive and worth the historic view.

I hope you enjoy this ghostly getaway as much as I do!

xoxo ♥ AB

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Things To Do In Bisbee, Arizona”

  1. Yes!! We have a house in Bisbee and it’s the cutest town we love it! Next time you’re there try the Screaming Banshee for Pizza- SO good! Or high desert market for fun groceries and great burritos :):)

    1. You live there?How awesome!! And yes, I continuously hear great things about the Screaming Banshee – we are planning to check it out next time we visit :)Any other suggestions that I may have missed?

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