Coachella Cheat Sheet

If you have ever wanted to attend the Coachella Music Festival, you know to expect three mind blowing days of some of the biggest artists, DJ’s and bands of the year. But how do you know that you’re well prepared for the full three day event?

Here is your Coachella cheat sheet to ensure an amazing festival experience!

– 1. Choose Your Weekend –

WEEKEND ONE – This is when most people go; more events, parties, celebrities and guest appearances featured with solo artists and/or bands. If you’re into being one with the “now”, weekend one is made for you!

WEEKEND TWO – Weekend two is nice if you want a (little) more laid back experience. It’s still just as festive and exciting as weekend one, however the best part is that you won’t have as long of lines and it will be easier to get closer to the stage.

– 2. Dress to Impress –

Here are a few tips on how to plan your outfit:

  • From cheeky bottoms and tanks to maxi skirts and wedges, anything goes here at Coachella Music Festival. I peiced together two of my outfits from both Victoria’s Secret and iHeartRaves. My burnt orange body suit was custom made by Foxtails Designs.

O U T F I T   1:

O U T F I T  2:

O U T F I T  3:

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  • Your shoes will make or break the experience. Wear close toed shoes if possible as well as a shoe you know you will be comfortable with walking around the festival in for hours. For example, I wore boots everyday to accommodate both my outfit and my feet!
  • The weather drops quite a bit at night, bring a long sleeve or wear a light weight kimono/jacket so you have an extra layer. I would highly recommend a pocket blanket – this blanket goes from pocket size to covering your full body within seconds.

This is your time to shine by showing off your style in the best way you can. Express yourself!

– 3. Download the Coachella App/ Plan Your Lineup –

Use the Coachella app! It makes your life so much easier while allowing you to activate your wristband and put your festival schedule together. The features allow you to “star” your favorite bands, DJ’s and solo artists which then alerts you when the artist is coming up.

Complete listings of food and beverage, activities and amenities help you to be 100% prepared before you step foot on the polo grounds.

Download the Coachella app here.

– 4. Stay Hydrated –

First rule of thumb: Chug water, then beer!

With the festival being in Indio, California the temperatures tend to get up to 100+ degrees during the day. To avoid over heating in the heat while drinking alcohol it is best to stay hydrated the entire week prior to the event. This mean water, water, and maybe a splash of lime with more water.

TIP ON HOW TO STAY SLIM IN YOUR OUTFIT: If you’re like me and you want to drink low calorie, low carbohydrate AND low sugar alcoholic beverages to stay looking slim in your Coachella outfit, then these SpikedSeltzer’s are the perfect drink for you. My favorite is their Prickly Pear – this flavor is exclusive to the Southwest area and is sold in most stores.

– 5. Bring the Unthinkables –

Here are a few items that you may miss when crossing off your packing list:

  • Never forget your portable charger. This way you can be sure to catch all of the action without worrying about “my phone is on 30%!!”.
  • Festival season typically gets chilly at night. A small jacket or pocket blanket is the ultimate necessity to have when heading home after a festival.
  • A Camelbak or Vibedration pack come in handy when your in the middle of a show and suddenly need water. This is the number one you want to bring with you!
  • A bandana! It gets super windy and dusty so bring a bandana to cover your face and keep the dirt out. Either way your going to get dirty – but it will help.


This annual three day, two weekend event is an absolute must-do at some point in your life time. Get to planning!

xoxo ♥ AB


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