The Top 3 Best Places in Phoenix to see the Wildflower Bloom

Arizona is at its most beautiful self during the spring flowering season – this typically spans across mid February to June with the peak seasons being mid March to late April.

Here are the top 3 best places in Phoenix to see the wildflower bloom.

– Superstition Mountains –

The Wave Cave Click here to read more about the Wave Cave Trail.

Boulder Canyon Trail to Battleship Mountain This is a 10.5 mile trail that leisurely guides you all throughout the Superstition Wilderness. Feel free to go as long or as short of a distance as you’d like. If you reach the end, there is an optional 1.5 mile climb to Battleship Mountain.

Siphon Draw to Flat IronClick here to read more about Flat Iron via Siphon Draw Trail

Parking fee for the Superstition Wilderness – $7 per vehicle

– Tom’s Thumb Trail –

A popular landmark in the Mcdowell Mountains is Tom’s Thumb. Look up from most any place in the Easy Valley and you will see it peaking out at you.

Tom’s Thumb is a 4.4 mile out and back trail incorporating switchbacks to help lead you through the rolling hills of the mountain. When the wildflowers are in bloom is when the switchbacks are at their most beautiful self.

*Tom’s Thumb offers challenging climbs for those who enjoy rock climbing.

No Parking Fee

– Usery Mountain Regional Park –

One of the best hikes in Usery Mountain is the Wind Cave Trail.

Wind Cave Trail is a 2.6 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Mesa, Arizona. This trail is rated as moderate while offering a slight incline to the top where you will find literal wind caves. The hike features beautiful wild flowers and is perfect for both kids and dogs.

Parking fee for Usery Mountain – $7 per vehicle

– Keep Nature Wild –

We all love the breathtaking beauty that nature provides to us. Help show some love by following these two simple rules:

1. Don’t pick wildflowers. These flowers work hard to sprout, bloom and awe! Do not pick, as they won’t last long enough to display at home or give to a loved one. Leave them for others to enjoy.

2. Stay on trails. Though you may think the wildflowers bloom every year, it is not always true. Trampling the flowers causes years of repair, making it hard for the flowers to reappear the following years. Take all photos from the pathways and let nature roam free.

Isn’t nature just spectacular?

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